Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning


Director: Christopher McQuarrie

BLIND was asked again to assist the Mission Impossible franchise with computer graphics for the film. We helped bring McQ’s vision for the screen graphics to life and created more than 250 final shots from mobile devices to server rooms and watches to submarines.

The sevastopol

We designed authentic control, sonar, and weapons systems for a Russian submarine in the movie. Basing our work on existing submarine technology and closely collaborating with a marine consultant to ensure our systems were both realistic and believable.

IMF AR Glasses

Predominantly used to track the key from one person to another while Ethan moves through the airport, the HUD glasses relayed real-time intelligence from Luther to Ethan. By keeping the graphic language simple and functional the information is communicated in a clear way.

IMF Laptops

For the IMF we balanced a technologically complex system with clear narrative storytelling. Baggage alerts and threat detection were all framed within a complex 3D map that we built from the real airport and UK shooting locations to match and link the shot scenes.


Leaning into deep fake technology Luther deceives the CIA agents onboard an Osprey helicopter. We simplified the airport map and UI system so that when scenes were intercut the audience knew instantly who was the protagonist/antagonist.


There were multiple instances of countdown elements throughout the movie, we created a system that would be common to all devices, watches, riddle machine and bombs. We wanted the feel of early LED displays to reinforce the idea that more modern tech was constantly at risk.

Server Room / DNI

Here we had old-school technology in the server room with multiple screens. The content recaps what happened in the airport and transitions to Italy and foreshadows what is going to happen in the film. We created a range of DNI UI systems from current to ‘secure’ 1980’s technology.

Other Devices

From the familiar mask tech machine on a laptop to facial recognition and bank transfers on phones we designed and animated multiple systems and elevated the technology for all the characters and organisations within the film.

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