Fast X


Director: Louis Leterrier

Once again BLIND came on-board for the post production phase of this exciting franchise, from creating branding for ‘The Agency’ to a multi-screen synopsis of the ‘Fast and Furious’ history, we provided over 80 shots helping key narrative elements within the film.

Agency HQ

Aimes giving Tess and the ‘Tribunal’ members a synopsis of all the gang's activities and associates was an exciting challenge, a large amount of information had to be presented and communicated in a simple yet effective way. Stills, videos, 3D animations and ‘anonymous’ viewers were all choreographed into a dynamic presentation.

Agency Devices

Laptops, tablets and phones featured throughout the movie, from analysing bombs to tracking locations on maps and CCTV treatments we covered a broad range of animation assets and user tasks within the shots.


We also created designs and animations for other characters within the film, truck dashboards and GPS systems, glider and robot arm controls, each reflecting the personality of the user.

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