Director: J.J. Abrams

For Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker - J.J. really honed in, on the aesthetic of Rogue One's graphics. Though we had worked with J.J on The Force Awakens and followed the direction of that particular production, he actually felt more synergy with the Rogue One designs because it had a much more simplistic, bold graphic language.

The Steadfast - Star Destroyer

For the Steadfast we gave the graphics a specific aesthetic, the designs are stripped back, the arrows and icons are not perfectly accurate, if things became too symmetrical, we'd kick one of the elements out or make it bolder or smaller, we would even go back to things we'd previously done and break them down a bit.

Ajan Kloss - The Resistance Base

If the First Order are very cold, the Resistance are warm and organic. They're in this green jungle world and on their knees because the fight is still going on, everything's a bit broken. The universe is fragmented. One of the things the graphics represent is that fragmentation of this universe and things not working well.

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