Director: J.J. Abrams

For Star Wars: The Force Awakens - our graphics had to be faithful to the original and simultaneously feel updated - these designs evoke classic, higher-order stylistic cues, many of which date back to the original trilogy.

The Finalizer - Star Destroyer

The computer graphics on the Finalizer track Dameron Poe and the deserting stormtrooper FN-2187 as they steal a TIE fighter, escape the vessel, disable the turbo lasers, only to be hit in the crossfire and crash-land on Jakku.

The Starkiller Base

As the Starkiller base prepares to destroy the Resistance by draining the raw power of a star, multiple gauges show the ordered progression used to power the super weaponry. Other computer graphics focus on the weapons schematics and the ability to drop the shields.

Special Forces TIE fighter

A specialised two-seater version of TIE fighter - the graphics represent the enhanced weapons and sensor systems including power up cells for the hyper-drive and deflector shield status.

D’Qar - The Resistance Base

The Resistance’s aesthetic, by contrast to the First Order, is analogue and unstructured. Its colour palette is dominated by orange, green, brown, and other earth colours.

The X-wing and the Falcon

The T-70 X-wing is a cruciform star-fighter. The vessel's targeting computer, flight controls and other essential piloting instruments are located inside an armoured cockpit. The computer graphics are instantly recognisable - an updated version of the classic legacy graphics with a few modern twists - the Falcon is a frame by frame reconstruction from a New Hope.

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